Oh boy.  You did it.  You couldn’t resist your children’s begging for a Dog one more minute or you simply decided “now’s the time” - “I’ve always wanted a Dog”or really miss having a Dog.  Well Congratulations!  It IS an exciting time for any style family but I do know it can suddenly be an overwhelming one.  Having a support system and guide to get you & your Puppy started might be the best investment you will ever make.  Shaping your Puppy from the very beginning makes it a much easier road ahead.  Establishing clear environmental protocols for feeding, potty training, crate training and a host of other Puppy essentials will make a world of difference because getting ahead and staying ahead is the right thinking.  Diet; Vet recommendations & understanding Boosters; best food brands currently on the market; how much to feed, when to feed; safest toys, recommended exercise style best suited for your Puppy and even offering some fundamental Basic Training Skills have proven to be invaluable information.  Perhaps THE most important aspect of these consultations is learning how to establish clear communications right away so you and your Puppy can begin to truly understand one another and deepen the bonding process.  These are just a few of the questions and areas that over the years I've discovered my Clients needed the answers to and they have found them all to be extremely beneficial.  

I offer a 2 + Hour Custom Consultation for Puppies and their Families. Often, we schedule this appointment a few days after the arrival when the reality really sets in and questions that were not anticipated come up.  Many Breeders & Rescue Groups give comprehensive "preparation" information but if not, I encourage people to reach out before your Puppy's arrival for tips and suggestions - this is Free of Charge.  For Dog Newbie’s or those who simply “forgot” all the details of getting a new Puppy, this Consultation will give you all you need to create a firm foundation in which to shape your Dogs behavior as they grow.  

I offer Lifetime Support to all of my Clients.  I will provide continual support, answer questions, offer Professional insights if there are decisions to be made or just about anything that arises.  I am dedicated to helping Puppies grow into calm, communicative & Happy Dogs!   

But whatever your needs are, I will help you & your Puppy establish as smooth a transition as possible and help you set up some very clear protocols that are customized for your Puppy and his new home.

Please call me directly if you are interested and deciding if this type of Consultation is what you might be needing.  


Justine Blair Carroll                                                                                                                                                                  917-536-5432