My philosophy is simple: Watch and Learn. If you are trained in the nuances of dog behavior and psychology, you can pick up the subtle clues and translate dog behavior into a language that we humans can understand.  Dogs are not unlike being a German in France, they don't understand our language or the human world.  So we can teach our Dogs the fundamentals of our verbal language & they teach us the fundamentals of their non verbal language - that's when authentic Communications really begin. My Basic Training Program is based on Behavioral Science principles which is called Progressive Reinforcement.  I don't believe in "Levels" of Training, that is a "business sales" modality. Instead, I offer Junkyard Agility that replaces Intermediate Levels but it's a heck of a lot more fun doing it!  My Programs are geared where people & their Dogs will learn and establish fundamental Life Skills that organically deepen as you put them into practice.  I focus on teaching the Human how to teach their Dogs.  With this Skill established, your relationship & your Dogs education will continue to grow without the need for continual advancement that will cost you lots $ with other Trainers.  I give you the "goods" up front.  I'm nice like that.