Firstly, a BIG thank you to the many who continue to stay in touch and have taken advantage of my Life Time Support by sharing & inquiring some guidance with the progresses of your Dogs - your Partnership success is very important to me.  Establishing communicative relationships with our Dogs is always an unfolding discovery!

    I just wanted to share some information & exciting Announcements.  I am happy to say that I have found a new location to hold TRAINING CLASSES as well as the infamous PUP SCOUTS!  This is a guided Play & Socialization Program open to Puppies 8 months and under.  Many of you “small model” Alumni’s have been asking about PUP SCOUTS and it IS open to these older Dogs, however, I’m offering the spaces to the 8 month Guys first to be fair.  If you are interested in attending these Play Groups, just check my website for updates and contact me via email or phone.  I will also be holding them more frequently based on interest as during these Winter Months it has been beyond challenging to socialize your Puppies. This is a critical dynamic to their overall development.  So here’s the skinny…

ALL Classes & Events will be held at a new location.  GLAMOUR PAWS DOG SPA which is in the small row of Shops on Maple Avenue behind the First New York FCU Bank.  (it’s a few yards past Upstate Animal Vet across the road).  I will also be conducting some of my Private Sessions there.

PUP SCOUTS will commence WEDNESDAY EVENING 7-8PM February 10th, 2016

TRAINING CLASSES will be 5 Weeks starting THURSDAY EVE 7-8pm February 11

All details about these Programs are on my website or just call to inquire anytime *917-536-5432 (*note area code).     I am teaming up with GLAMOUR PAWS DOG SPA (Andrea putting more focus on Holistic oriented Spa Treatments.)  The overall vision is to establish new directions in all things DOG.  The vision of all of us participating is to create an atmosphere that promotes Well Being, Emotional Enrichment, Education & all things FUN!  All of my Programs are rooted in incorporating Behavioral elements that appeal & shape the Emotional Body of a Dog. This important aspect of a Dog is often overlooked when more emphasis is placed only on the Physical & sometimes Mental aspects.  Training is no longer just about SIT STAY but understanding the Total Dog as we teach them new Skills & shape their development.  

Thus I am taking the Leadership role and reaching out to other Experts to enhance these elements and offer alternative Modalities that continue to enrich the growing Relationship with your Dog.

    Experts like Yogini Mechelle Chojecki who is fluent with the growing trend in the Dog World - YOGA!!  A Program that is beneficial for both the Dog and their People to create new avenues of connection & balance with one another.  So if joining a YOGA Class was on your New Years Res List, why not bring along your Dog & let them benefit as well?  It’s a “two Birds with one” thing…. 


    The GP Spa location will also be hosting periodic EVENING EVENTS that will provide a wealth of information.  Perhaps you’ve heard about or are considering ACUPUNCTURE or ACUPRESSURE Treatments but want to understand more about them before committing?  We will host Lecturers like Dr. Kristina Dallas, DVM to explain some of the fundamentals & address your questions.   Essential Oils, Chiropractic Medicine to name just two are all on our List of Interest & we want to reach out to our Dog Community with these Invitations.  What are your Interests?  I would love to know so give me a shout out if you have an idea.  We want to make this Space a more Cooperative Community Location where we can gather, exchange & connect with our Dogs in a host of different ways!

I invite you to come on board and join us for any of the many Programs we are lining up.

I look forward to your participation, ideas, interests, etc.   There is SO much to learn about our Dogs and different ways to both care & connect with them.

If you have a friend you think might be interested in helping to create this cooperative “happening”, please share because all are Welcome!  

Thank you everyone for spreading the Word and I hope to see many of you again in one of the Programs forthcoming!

All Events, Programs & other Details will be updated on my website

*  Detailed information about YOGA will be posted by Feb 2