"The Key to Any Successful Relationship is Clear Communications"

Starting June 2017 - for the Summer we will be offering Junkyard Agility & Pup Scouts Socialization

If you are interested in creating a Private Group of 3 or more, A new Class Schedule can be arranged based on availability

This is a 5 week Course of Basic Training 

You & Your Dog will learn the Basics of:

SIT • STAY • DOWN • COME • LEAVE IT • FOCUS • FOLLOW ME • WAIT & More! because there's simply a lot more to learn about your Dog!

                In addition, you & your Dog will learn:

• How to establish a Cooperative & Communicative Relationship

• How to work as a Team

• How to gain a better Response from your Dog

• How to shape behavior for a Calmer Dog

• How to Reward your Dog effectively

• How to interpret what your Dog is thinking & feeling

• Weekly Reinforcement Games to practice each new Skill learned

*  Proper Leash Skills

                     & a Trick or Two to WOW! your Friends!

and of course, we always offer:

*  Life Time Support as your Dog romps into the future!  Once a Student, always a Student so I am always available for future help if needed.


Come experience the difference from other Training Classes in a quiet, focused with no distractions setting.  24 years of Hands On Experience has gained an Expertise that makes for a clear & comprehensive Program that will far exceed your expectations of what Dog Training is all about! 

            *  This Semi Private Class is open to all Ages*  Class is Limited to 4 Participants to ensure personalized attention

Please bring:- a Hands Free Treat Bag* Non crunchy Treats or small bits* 4 or 6 ft Cotton Leash (NO Flexi’s please)

 CLASSES HELD IN SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY at GLAMOUR PAWS on Maple Ave / Rt 9 (in the small shops behind The First New York FCU Bank)

Contact:  Justine Blair Carroll  917-536-5432 or   for further information, Fee & Class Availability or use the

CONTACT Section of the Website 

* I offer discounts for Rescue Dogs; recently adopted Shelter Dogs and for advanced Registration.  


CONTINUAL TRAINING:   I feel confident that what you will learn in the Basic Training Class is so comprehensive that you will be able to build further skills on your own as your Dog develops.   However,  if there is something specific that people need to work on, I do offer PRIVATE SESSIONS.  I will also be offering SINGLE DEDICATED SKILL CLASS SESSIONS- only offered to Students who have completed the Basics.  These are wonderful ways to re-connect and build upon your Dogs growing Skills.  I also recommend the Spring/Summer/Fall Junkyard Agility Program which is Relationship based & where you can learn further tricks & skills with lots of fun attached!  If you are practicing the Life Skills presented in my Basic Training, you & your Dog should naturally be advancing & deepening your Skills.  My Basic Class is a combination of Beginner, Intermediate and most importantly, embraced by Behavioral aspects to give a complete & thorough overview of your Dog.  But often Clients simply want a private experience to increase their confidence.    My Students are always welcome to contact me with questions & concerns once they've completed my Basics.  Often a simple conversation is all that's required.  I am dedicated to you succeeding with your Dog, it's very important to me.  So I am always available to offer my support, insight and help whenever & where ever needed at any time.  Every Dog's needs are unique, so we can always discuss a solid Plan that works best for you & your Dog.

***  Please Note:  I DO NOT, under any circumstances or requests, utilize harsh and abusive devices or modalities of Training.  This includes the use of Electronic Collars; Choke Collars; or any other type of device or method rooted in an adversarial or confrontational interaction with your Dog that could influence or effect their behavior in an adverse manner.  We at Dharma Of Dog seek COOPERATION from your Dog, that which they are most willing to do, NEVER dominance or force.

***  We at Dharma Of Dog use the term POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT OR PROGRESSIVE REINFORCEMENT in the proper meaning of that term.  We do not ADD in PUNISHMENT, which is often used in other styles of Training claiming Positive Reinforcement.  This is stated for clarification and hopefully answer your questions ahead of time.  We are proud of our Programs that incorporate Behavioral Education and techniques that establish clear and fundamental Communications with your Dog.