Ok, you’ve done your Basics.  Your Dog clearly understands SIT, STAY, WAIT, & DOWN, etc. Now what?  Isn’t it about time you do something FUN with your Dog but continue to Train by deepening his Basics as well as strengthening your connection?   This is why I’m now offering what we affectionately call “Junkyard Agility”.  This name came from working in my yard with my Dogs using trashcans for jumps; garden poles for weaving & patio furniture for pause tables.  My Dogs LOVED it.  And what I discovered is this makes for some strong bonding and a more responsive Dog more apt to connect with you.  So I’ve replaced the Trashcans with real jumps and purchased some professional equipment to teach other people and their Dogs this Relationship Building style of Training.  *This is NOT a formal Agility Class but further Training along with the fun and use of agility equipment.  

                                                                SUMMER 2017 OPEN SESSIONS


STARTING JUNE 2017,  there will be offered Open Sessions which are not Program based.  Located in downtown Saratoga Springs, these ONE HOUR Sessions are open to Dogs of ALL LEVELS & AGES - the Course can be adjusted and used according to you & your Dogs' Skill Levels.  It is for many people who have always wanted to try Agility but hesitate due to the commitment required at formal Agility Centers.  Its a wonderfully fun way to strengthen your connections and its fantastic for those Dogs who tend to be nervous or super excitable around other Dogs.  Gaining your Dogs focus & directing them while in the presence of other Dogs is an incredibly beneficial exercise.  Often, reactive Dogs never get to participate in many activities offered around the area but we want to include them!  The Sessions are designed in such a way that there is appropriate distance required but these Dogs will still feel part of a group and not isolated.  Our groups consist of Puppies from 14 weeks to 11 yr old Dogs who can still benefit from low impact exercise.  Guided Instruction will be provided for Newbies if needed.  We've discovered a few "Naturals" during these Sessions in the past, much to the surprise & amazement of their people!  I encourage everyone to try a Session or 2.  There's so much more to your Dog than just SIT/STAY & there are many untapped Skills to be discovered!  If you're looking for something to do with your Dog, this is it!

Please note that there is a Saturday date set on the 24th from 4-5pm.

* TIME CHANGE for SUNDAY-  Due to continual HEAT interference, Sunday Sessions now 7-8pm when its cooled down & more shade!  Thank you.

If you are inquiring or signing up via the Contact Area, please give a brief description of your Dog.

Stay positive for Good Weather!  For safety reasons, Sessions will cancel if the grass is wet.  These cancellations will post on both FACEBOOK (DharmaOfDog/JustineBlairCarroll) or here on the website 2 hrs prior to scheduled Session. 

COST:  $20 per Session.  

If you are returning for more Sessions after the first 2, the cost will only be $15 thereafter.


JULY 2017 will begin offering EVENING SESSIONS in addition to Weekends.  These will alternate with PUPPY PLAYGROUP (PUP SCOUTS) SOCIALIZATION .  Please check this website for updates and changes.






Video:  Sassy helping us test a few new pieces of training equipment. ( Big Dogs love Agility Fun, too!)  Sessions are no longer located at SPAW City (now closed permanently) but in Saratoga Springs, NY.



The following dates & times are for OPEN SESSIONS that will be running throughout the Summer.  These Sessions are 1 hour and by Reservation via my Contact area.

These will not be a formal Program but are more geared to have access to an Agility Course and spend an hour of FUN with your Dog!  A great way to work on your Handling Skills and Connection.  It's also a wonderful way to see if your Dog has some Agility potential before committing to a more formal Agility Program elsewhere.  They are geared to be relaxed, fun and if Instruction is required, no problem! 



Sunday June 25 7-8pm

Sunday July 2   7-8pm HOLIDAY

Sunday  July 9  7-8pm

Sunday  July 16 Private Party 

Sunday July 23  7-8pm



These Sessions have been invaluable tools in Training your Dog to focus with distraction, work on your own Handling Skills and deepen your connection with one another.  


Private Groups can be arranged upon request 

Please email for Location; Directions; & other Questions

* The Course is outside so please check for Weather Cancellations