Formally held at DAWGDOM in Saratoga Springs, NY - PUP SCOUTS will be moving to a new location.  Whoo Hoo! finally your Puppies will have a wonderful place to play with other Pups!  We want to continue this successful Program and 9 year tradition that we have found invaluable to the Community.

HaPpY SuMmEr 2017  !!      

Starting SATURDAY JUNE 10  I will be holding Pup Scouts from 10am - 11am.   Based on interest & participation, I will offer more dates and opportunities as the Summer unfolds.  Please let me know what times you & your Pup ARE looking for and I will do my best to Host a Session.  PUP SCOUTS is NOT limited to my Students only.  It is open to all Pups in the Community, so please let your friends know there's a FuN Place to Play - the more the merrier with Puppies! 

AS a Trainer specializing in Behavior, I started PUP SCOUTS many years ago to offer Puppies socialization opportunities that is a critical stage in their development.  That "window" is not long or wide, so the sooner you can get your Puppy out & about, interacting with other Dogs of all different energy levels, shapes and sizes the better for future behavioral development.   Knowing how to help guide your Puppy through these new challenges in a positive way sets your Puppy up for a positive future!  

The other challenge that Puppy people have is finding the RIGHT ENERGY MATCH for your Puppy to play with.  Often the older Dog at home is not interested in play and meeting "New & Stranger" Dogs is an important aspect of development.  So PUP SCOUTS has this in mind & why we offer these Sessions.

PUP SCOUTS is also a wonderful alternative to Day Care.  Puppies under 1 year can find Day Care a bit overwhelming and too much stimulation all day long. Dogs sleep an average of 16 hrs a day and Puppy's require even more!  So knowing that you have a place to expose your Puppy to new situations without risking physical & mental exhaustion is a good thing.  

This hour also provides an opportunity to ask Questions that you might have about your Puppy - after 29 years of working hands on with Dogs of all kinds, I have a lot of great information and current resources that I am always happy to share.  Diet; Potty Training Tips; Chewing issues; Crate Issues; etc. are all welcomed questions.  Our goal is to provide a professional resource for people to shape and build the happiest Puppy they can be!  

If you are interested in your Puppy joining these Groups, just shoot me an email with your contact Information & I will return your call or email to confirm your Reservation.   

In attempts to connect Puppy People with OTHER Puppy People, these Groups are open to the entire Community, not just my Students & Clients.  So feel free to invite your friends & let people know there is a safe, off leash place for Play! 

Older Dogs who are under 15 lbs (or below knee height!) are also welcomed, however, they should be balanced and able to handle the excitable high Puppy energy!  I love to add in older Dogs who can help teach younger Dogs and Puppies the critical Social Cue's and Signals.  It's always helpful to have older Dogs who are well balanced for Puppies to interact with and learn those very important Social Cues and Signals.

If you have a LARGE BREED PUPPY - 

Here we will have an enclosed and safe area to give the larger Pups some room to romp!  These groups are for Dogs over 15 lbs and also, up to 1 year old.  IF you have an older Dog that also needs some Playtime with others, if your Dog is well tempered and can handle the high energy of younger Dogs, they are welcomed as well.  Just shoot me an email and we can discuss this possibility.  

Pup Scouts will be held in a large, fenced area safe for your Puppies to romp & play off leash.  NO HARD SURFACES that can damage & callous a Puppy's delicate Paw Pads,  Soft GRASS & FRESH AIR will be featured, free of charge.  Paw Pads serve an important function of regulating your Dogs body temperature.  They will be held at 1 Elbern Street/Warren St in Saratoga Springs.







Just a few of our SCOUTS!

Just a few of our SCOUTS!


           DATES & TIMES


SATURDAY JULY 1  10am - 11am (9:20am 7/1/17 - CXL due to Weather!!  Rain Rain Rain   :(   will resume next Saturday

SATURDAY JULY 8  10am - 11am 

SATURDAY JULY 28 10am-11am * with a Little Puppy Agility Mixed in!  Come give it a try!

SATURDAY AUG 19 10am-11am 



ONLY $ 10 for an Hour of FuN 

$5 for Scouts attending over 3 times!





SOCIALIZATION is not just about meeting and learning Doggy Language with other Dogs, it's ALSO about experiencing and receiving exposure to all sorts of new situations - meeting Strangers, Children, different environments, car rides, different sounds & all sorts of moments that can be challenging to any new Puppy.  Finding a place where they can interact and play with other Puppies is not always easy but it is a critical element of their Development.   There are simply some things we cannot teach our Puppies but other Puppies will!  Bite Inhibition, gaining confidence, discovering their play style (is your Pup a Wrestler? a Chase Me Chase Me! or a Referee?), gearing their energy levels according to other Dogs in the environment are just some of the benefits these Groups provide.  

  Our goal is to provide a professional resource for people to shape and build the happiest Puppy they can be!